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Mute Off - Volume Max!

To make it universal, The Smart Cord uses the Audio channel, so keep it on!


Smart Cord Support:

Your device must utilize the A2DP Bluetooth Profile.  Generally, if you bought your Smart Phone in the last 2 years, it supports this. 

However, you have 30 days to figure this out.  Because, if you don't like how the Smart Cord works with your device, you are free to send it back for a refund.

Bluetooth is not required to be ON for you to manually control the Smart Cord.  The manual button will function with Bluetooth ON or OFF.

For some devices, a PASSKEY is required.  Use 0000.

General Questions about the product?  Contact us at:


(855) 559 6683


Bluetooth Power On : Hold until Blue Flash
Bluetooth Pairing : Hold until Red Flash
Bluetooth Sync
Bluetooth Dark Mode : Tap Once
Bluetooth Off : Hold until Second Red Flash

Bluetooth Renaming : Double Tap in Pairing Mode

APP Installation
Web Based APP
Using The APPS

Additional Notes

Making the Bluetooth Connection:

For those that have worked with Bluetooth devices before, this should be a very familiar process.

For those that have not, you will need to be familiar with how to access and enable your Smart Phone (or Tablet, PC, etc...) Bluetooth settings and be able to discover a NEW DEVICE.

Power On Bluetooth

With the ZSmart product powered, Hold Down the Bluetooth button for 3 Seconds.  The Blue Light will flash indicating the Bluetooth capability of the product is ON.

Pair the Devices

With the Smart Cord plugged in and Bluetooth on, the following steps are required to establish an initial connection.  This is a ONE TIME operation to establish a lifelong relationship between the products.

1.  Hold Down the Bluetooth button for 5 Seconds, until the the RED light flashes.  Then, the Blue Light will flash rapidly, indicating the Smart Cord is ready to PAIR with your device.

2.  In the Bluetooth manager on the device you wish to pair (i.e. Phone), DISCOVER new Bluetooth devices.

3.  The Smart Cord will appear.  Select the device (i.e. ZChord1) and Pair with the device.

The 2 devices now KNOW each other and paring is complete.

SYNC the Devices

After PAIRING, devices are generally ready to share communication.  This is controlled on your Smart Phone or other device.  See their documentation on the process to establish a Bluetooth connection 

In the sample to the right, you would simply select the ZChord1 on your phone and connect.

You are now ready to control the Bluetooth feature of the product.  Generally, your connection will break outside of 30 Feet, and automatically be re-established as long you have not turned off Bluetooth on either device since the connection was established.

Bluetooth Dark Mode

To avoid the annoying flashing Blue Light while trying to get to sleep, we provided a Dark Mode.


To use Bluetooth without the Bluetooth light on, Tap Once on the Bluetooth button.  This will toggle between having the light ON and OFF.

Bluetooth Power Off

the Bluetooth button for 8 Seconds until the RED light appears the second time (the first time is for pairing).  Release, and Bluetooth will be off.


Bluetooth Renaming

Important:  Rename the Cord First


Many devices will take the first name associated with a Bluetooth IP and remember it FOREVER.  So, rename the Smart Cord before pairing it with your Phone to avoid this annoyance.


So that it is easier to identify what cord you are controlling if you have more than one, we provided a Rename Function.


Double Tap the Bluetooth button while in the PAIRING mode The RED light will flash a number of times.  This will indicate the Bluetooth Name of the Smart Cord (3 flashes = ZChord3).


If the light turns off, you most likely turned on Dark Mode.  Just tap the button again, and it should re-appear.  A one-half second delay between taps is best.


The RENAME is NOT supported by all devices.

Apple and Windows devices generally will not recognize the rename, but you will still be able to connect multiple cords (though they will all show up as ZChord1).

Additional Notes

1.  You can have multiple cords PAIRED to the same device.  Generally, Bluetooth allows up to 8 devices paired to a Phone or similar device.

2.  You can PAIR Mulitple Devices (phones, computers, tablets, etc...) with each Smart Cord, but only ONE Bluetooth connection can be used at any one time.

3.  Generally, The Smart Cord will Automatically connect with the last device it was connected to.  If you wish to manually break this connection and connect to a new device, you can simply unplug the Smart Cord.

4.  When you Power Off Bluetooth on either device (Phone or The Smart Cord), then you may need to re-establish a connection through a SYNC.  This is NOT pairing the device, and can only be done on your PHONE, generally a quick and simple process.

5.  Drop us a note with questions.  Bluetooth technology is very standard, and the above is hopefully not new to you - merely a refresher.



Smart Cord Functionality Video



Sample APP Requires Java

Top View of Switch

Sample Phone View

Install the APP

Go to your APP store and type in SMART CORD.  Download the Free APP.  General instructions for operation will be provided inside of the APP.

For more information regarding the APPS, Click Here

Web Based APP

Click the links below to visit a Web Based APP on the ZSmart website.  Bluetooth Commands are formatted for the various audio profiles that best support your device.

WAV    MP3     AIF

Be sure to MAX your VOLUME, and that your device is PAIRED with the product you wish to control.

Using the APP

The APPS are simple touch button applications that send Bluetooth commands when pressed, as seen in the sample above.