"The World's Simplest APP"TM

What could be simpler than just touching a button?  Nothing!

We offer two APP's to control our first Product - The Smart CordTM

Smart Cord

APP that provides user control over paired products.

Bluetooth management provided for some platforms.


Smart CordQ

Icon Based APP that, when touched, sends the Bluetooth Command. 

Merely a splash screen.  No additional user interface is provided.


Sample below requires Java

Button Button
Currently Published Platforms
  Android 2.2+ iPhone 3.0+ Windows 7+ Blackberry 4.5+ Web Based  

Smart Cord

Smart CordQ

Smart Cord

Smart Cord

Smart Cord

Smart CordQ




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No APP?  No Problem!

Essentially, using our APPs is just like playing your favorite song.

Any device that has A2DP Bluetooth capability can control our products.


This means that yes, you can still control our products with your device OS by:

1.  Creating a Desktop ICON that accesses one of the Audio Links below over the Web.


2.  Installing the audio files directly onto your device and play them over the Bluetooth connection.


You can even install the audio files on any Bluetooth compatible device - MP3 Players, Computers, etc.

Right Click the link and select "Save Link As..." to download the file to your computer.

WAV              MP3               AIF