Android Devices with OS 2.2+

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Android Support

This is meant to be support for using the Android APPs.

The Videos are a quick walk through on the APPs and connecting your device to the Smart Cord.

For questions regarding the product, please click on the following link:

Smart Cord Info

Smart Cord APP

Smart CordQ APP

Devices the Smart Cord APPs Support:


Android Devices with OS 2.2+


Quick Notes

The APP transfers Bluetooth commands over the audio channel.  So, you must have your VOLUME at MAXIMUM level.

Be sure you have BLUETOOTH ON and that you are PAIRED with the device.

PHONES - Turn off the USE FOR PHONE AUDIO option (see below).

APP Layout


The APP is fairly straightforward.

Power Button - Touch this to toggle the power on your connected the Smart Cord.

Bluetooth Button - Provides access to Bluetooth device management.

Kill Button - Shuts down Bluetooth and the APP.


Info Button - Provides some basic information regarding the APP and the product.



This is all a one time setup, and even if you unplug the Smart Cord and plug it back in, your device should still KNOW the Smart Cord.


Feel free to drop us a note with any questions.



On your Device, you must establish a Bluetooth connection with the Smart Cord.  To view the Smart Cord half of the process in detail, please review the link below. 


Step 1. Prior to beginning the process, be sure your Androids Device has the Bluetooth ON and you are ready to make the connection.  This can be established by selecting the Bluetooth icon.


Step 2. When you are at this screen, with your Bluetooth ON, follow the steps from the link above to make your Smart Cord DISCOVERABLE.  This involves holding down the Smart Cord Bluetooth button for 5 seconds until it begins flashing.


Step 3.  Select the Smart Cord (ZChord1) when it appears on the screen and make the connection.


Renaming the Bluetooth Connection


Android Devices recognize the renaming function on the Smart Cord.  Review the steps on the link below in order to rename the Smart Cord.

Rename the Cord


Many Android devices also allow you to rename the Bluetooth connections.  This means that, you can rename the Smart Cord to indicate what it is controlling.


To do this, select the OPTIONS setting associated with the Bluetooth connection.  If the RENAME option exists, then you can do just that - rename the connection.



Be sure to enter the OPTIONS for the Bluetooth connection of the Smart Cord and TURN OFF phone use for the audio device.  (As seen in the image to the right).

OPTIONS can be accessed by holding down the HEADPHONES icon of the Bluetooth Connection



Sample APP Requires Java

Application Will Ask To Turn
On Bluetooth if Not On

Select SCAN FOR DEVICES When Connecting
for the First Time

Make Sure Phone Is Not Selected
Under Bluetooth Options for Smart Cord