It is estimated that 1 Out of Every 2 People in the U.S. will have a Smart Phone for 2012.

ZSmart's mission is to provide these people products that simply and affordably integrate their Smart Phone with products around them - without regard to brand of phone or operating system.

Because our products utilize Bluetooth wireless technology technology, they are compatible not only with Smart Phones, but Tablets, Computers, and other products that use Bluetooth.

We are happy to discuss ways to integrate the technology into your products and help you be a part of the fastest growing industry in America.

Questions?  Drop us a note at Info@zsmartcompany.com

What it works With:

If you can Plug It In to a Smart CordTM, then you can turn it On and Off with your phone.  Simply put, it is a Bluetooth enabled extension cord.

What have people used them with?

Christmas Lights

Model Trains


Hard to Reach Outlets

Fish Tanks

Special Decor Items

Dorm Room Fun

How It Works:

Our products utilize Bluetooth Wireless Technology to pair devices directly.  This is a very common technology across devices.

Our clean and simple Push Button APP is installed onto your phone.  With a touch of the button, the command is sent.

Using our Patent Pending BCM (Bluetooth Command Module), the ZSmart device receives the command and executes accordingly over the A2DP audio channel, just like playing your favorite song.

What It Works On:

Our products work with on any operating system with media playing capabilities, including:

iPhone 3G and beyond, iPad


Windows Mobile


Web Based (used for Phones or PC's)

Sample below requires Java
Button Button

With a simple touch button APP....

...you control whatever is connected to our technology.

What Makes ZSmart Unique?

Unlike many products being developed for a specific phone or operating system, ZSmart technology Works Across All Phone Brands.  No special Bluetooth command interface is required based on Operating System.

A Complex Home Network with multiple points of interface is Not Required for ZSmart products.  Our products interface directly with your Bluetooth device.

It's unique because - It's Unique!  There is no other product or technology out there like it!

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